Sunday, February 9, 2014


Ben is a real sweetheart of a guy, and he's really calm and laid-back.  That was put to the test this Saturday, when he was at a Meet & Greet at Petco for a couple of hours.  He interacted with people, kids, and dogs of all shapes and sizes, and handled it all really well, just politely sniffing the dogs, and affectionately leaning on the people.

Although he wasn't allowed to interact directly with cats or the ferrets, he barely paid either any attention even though they were clearly within his line of sight.

Are you my new person?
He rode well in the car, sitting and looking calmly out the windows, and was very well-mannered!

As seen in the picture above, he's also quite curious.

 He's also learning that he likes treats very much.  (Picture above shows him finishing off a biscuit given to him by the Petco staff.)

He wasn't entirely certain of toys at first...

What, for me??
But figured it out pretty quickly.  He -loved- this toy.

Ben will be a nice, easy-going couch potato of a dog, perfect for sitting beside you while you watch t.v. or read a book.

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