Sunday, February 16, 2014

Flying Carne

Update:  Carne has been adopted!  

Carne is a wonderful dog!  Doesn't he look like he's smiling for the camera, below?

From the time his leash was handed to me, he was grinning up at me, with a goofy, happy look on his face... he even did a little prancing dance when he saw me, as if he KNEW that he was going to make a new friend, and he couldn't wait to get started!

It was cold and rainy the day that I met him, so we stayed indoors to play.  He really really likes squeaky toys.  He LOVES squeaky toys.

The picture above is him lying down on top of multiple squeaky toys because he simply could not choose which one he liked the best.

He's a tail-wagger, and just seems to have a very sunny outlook on life.  Anyone with Carne in their lives is going to grow to love his happy-go-lucky nature.

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