Saturday, July 26, 2014


Update:  Apache has been adopted!

Apache really had a good time outside today!  He loves people, giving kisses, and playing in the yard. possibly in that order.

He also  walked very well on the leash, and was very mannerly when interacting with kennel mate Lazzaro.

Apache was happy to run up and down the yard with Lazzaro, and with fellow volunteers, but seemed more happy to stop and get hugs and attention whenever he possibly could...

He was quite fascinated with the "camera lady" (that would be me) and kept approaching me to see what exactly it was that I was doing with the black clicky box thing.  He'd keep going after he checked it out (maybe because it wasn't food?  I don't know.)

He would then explore another part of the yard, something he also seemed to enjoy doing.

Apache is bright-eyed and curious, and gentle and sweet, all in one package.  Who could resist his charm?

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