Saturday, July 26, 2014


Update:  Lazzaro has been adopted!

Lazzaro is a happy guy who simply loves people.  When some of my fellow volunteers and I took him out to play today, he was all about the hugs and kisses!  He also walked very well on a leash and got along with kennel mate Apache.

Lazzaro is playful and enjoys a good run in the yard...  although what he really enjoyed was running and playing with his human friends

Care to dance?

He is a very confident boy, and was not at all put off by strange city noises, such as the sirens of a firetruck that drove by while we were out... he pricked his ears up, but then just went back to his play.

Lazzaro will make an awesome addition to someone's family - he has such a good nature and gentleness about him that, combined with his playfulness, would make him well-suited for a variety of different situations.

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