Sunday, June 29, 2014


UPDATE: Bruiser has been adopted!

Bruiser!  What can I say about him, except that he is an awesome dog and you should run, not walk, to meet him!  He's a fun and curious dog, and has all of the characteristics that make me think he will also be a loyal and devoted friend once he's given a chance in someone's family.

 Look at this handsome face!

It  is actually quite rare to see a gray greyhound (and the color is actually called "blue") and I think it's pretty obvious that Bruiser carries it well.

I dropped by to pick him up to take him out to get some photographs for this blog, and to spend some time with him.  He was happy to see me (we have met before, when I took him to a Meet and Greet) and was thrilled to go outside with me.  And he was a perfect gentleman in my car...  he settled into the back seat and watched the world go by with great curiosity.

Once we got to my house, I gave him an orange squeaky toy to play with.  He seemed pleased with the "loaner toy" and was happy to chomp and squeak it, and carry it around the yard, at least for awhile.  In the end, he abandoned the toy in favor of exploring the yard.

And here he is, exploring my tiger lilies.

He's great at "recall", or coming to you on command, once he realizes that you are talking to him.  (Like most new adoptables, he doesn't seem to know his name very well - but as soon as he made eye contact with me and figured out that I was talking to HIM, he was eager to run up to me.

He is also a "leaner" and I think he's going to love hanging out with his human family, when he gets one.  He followed me and my husband around and was hungry for any affection that we wanted to show him.

It was a really hot day, even in the early morning.  This is Bruiser waiting for me at the gate, so that we could both go get a drink of water.  

I really enjoyed my hour of getting to hang out with this guy - and I'm really hoping that he'll get his very own family soon.

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