Monday, June 9, 2014


UPDATE:  Arabella has been adopted!

 got to spend this past Saturday with the beautiful Miss Arabella.  I took her to a Meet & Greet at Petco, and then to my house for a little while for photos.

She was very sweet and gentle for the entire trip, and was happy to get pettings from the Petco shoppers that came by.  She was a little shy, but you could see her taking everything in with those giant brown soulful eyes...  she will gain the rest of her confidence with time.  Her new family will get to experience the joy (and yes, it is a joy) to watch her learn about the world around her.

Arabella is very motivated by treats (trust me on this one) which in my opinion makes a dog very easy to train.  

She got along well with Ruth, the greyhound that was with us at Petco, as well as my dogs, who were rather umm... boisterous in their greeting of her.  She herself just stood and calmly wagged her tail at them.

She was starting to get a little warm by the time we got done with our photo-shoot in the sun, so was happy to completely sack out and sleep on the way back to the Golden Bone... I'm fairly certain I even heard a tiny snore or two from the backseat of my car.

Arabella is a wonderful girl, and is so looking forward to getting her own home and couch!

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