Saturday, April 26, 2014


UPDATE:  Peter has been adopted!

I met Peter for the first time this morning, and I was impressed with what a wonderful dog his is!  Peter is the perfect combination of laid-back, gentle, and people-loving.  He is one of those dogs that it's actually quite difficult to get good photos of - because he is something of a velcro dog!  This does not mean he was pushy - he was quite the gentleman.  He clearly wanted the attention, but wasn't going to demand it.

He was calm as cars and motorcycles drove by, and was mildly curious about other dogs going in and out, but kept a polite distance.

He seemed to get along very well with fellow adoptable greyhound Cruzen' Ben.  The two of them acted like they'd been buddies for life!  (Even though that's not the case.)

Peter is a a real sweetheart and as I said before, a gentleman.  He will make a nice, calm companion for someone.

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