Saturday, April 26, 2014


UPDATE:  Ben has been adopted!

Ben is still up for adoption!  And although it's kind of sad to see this greyt dog still here, it really means that the perfect home will have the chance to come along for him.

My husband and I took Ben and one of his kennel mates, Peter, out today for some photos.

Ben was very well behaved the entire time, happily letting us take turns petting him and walking him, and hanging out with Peter, who he seemed to get along with quite well.

And this is Ben, at attention for some reason. I can't remember what was going on... but look at those ears!

Like the last time I was with him, he was very curious about my camera and what I was doing with it...  maybe he thought that there were treats involved, but I'm not complaining because it got him to look at the camera (no small feat sometimes, to get dogs to pose for pictures!)

Anyway, this sweet, handsome boy needs to get adopted!  He will enjoy very much living a life of luxury, with his own couch, his own toys, and walks around the neighborhood or in the park with his very own human!

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