Monday, July 18, 2011


Update:  Mandy has been adopted!

As I said in the post that I made for Mister Krabs, Mandy was one of the greyhounds that we retrieved from West Virginia to enter into the adoption program.  Mandy caught my eye immediately, and she gave me such an imploring look from her crate that I was tremendously relieved to hear that we were going to take her!

She has lovely eyes, and looks like she is wearing kohl eyeliner!

She is very quiet, and lay quietly for most of the 4 hour trip.  But she isn't a shy girl - she loves getting attention, and really lights up when you give it to her.  There were times throughout the trip that she would quietly stick her head up between the seats so that she could be near us, and to possibly get scritchings behind the ears.

She was content to hang out with us in companionable silence and watch the road.   She will make someone a fantastic best friend.

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