Monday, August 8, 2011

Tina Marie

Update:  Tina Marie has been adopted!

Tina Marie is a beautiful young dog, who isn't even two years old yet!  She has a gorgeous little face with that black muzzle.  Her build is very petite.

She is gentle and has a sweet soul.  However, she is a very shy dog, and is very uncertain about all of these human strangers that she keeps encountering.  She doesn't know what our intentions towards her are, and it makes her very worried.  Her little eyes were so anxious when we took a walk together that my heart went out to her.

She is so young, all that she really needs is for a gentle person or family to take her under their wings and show her that the world can indeed be a good and happy place for her.  That person or family will get the pleasure to watch her blossom once they do that.    From what I understand, she is already growing to trust the volunteers that she sees on a very regular basis.

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