Monday, September 22, 2014


Update:  Bashful has been adopted!

 Meet Bashful!  Bashful is a bit timid about things that she doesn't know, but don't make the mistake of thinking that she is shy!  Once she figured out that I was a friend, she was happy to nuzzle my hand for attention, and when I bent to look at her, gave me face kisses and wagged her tail.  (Awww!)

I learned that Bashful is very food motivated (see the look of rapt attention below) which is a good thing - it will make her very easy for her future people to train.

Bashful is very friendly with other greyhounds.  She really likes her kennelmate Lisa (see picture below) and also got along with my two dogs.

She is very curious by nature, and will enjoy long walks with a person that she trusts and scenery to explore.  She and Lisa are apparently looking for four-leaf-clovers in the picture below.

Bashful will need someone to patiently show her the ropes - many things are a little bit intimidating to her right now, but even just an hour's kindness made her really come out of her shell.  Imagine what being in her own home, being spoiled rotten will do for her!

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